Google My Business: Free Online Marketing Tool

Hey guys, so today I want to talk about Google My Business Page.

Google My Business Page is one of the greatest tools acompany can invest time into. It’s user friendly compared to Google analytics and Google AdWords and other softwares while giving you a nice overview of how your website is doing while giving you access to your audience as well and most of all it’s FREE. With Google My Business Page, you can upload photos, videos, yourservice description, such as your hours, what you do, and can even promotion sall on your My Business Page.

Also, Google My Business will also tell you some basic stats such as how many people have viewed your business, how many people have gotten directions, and then you can use that to analyze how people are searching for you, and also your photo views. Not to mention, setting up your My Business is a great step towards Search Engine Optimization so that’s getting you seen in the public’s eye.

To cut it short, Google My Business is a great free tool that you should be investing in.

If you want to know more about Google My Business Page, you can send an email with your company name, contact person and phone number to We will offer a free Google My Business consultation for you.