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Why every business must have a website?

With the advent of the internet, businesses have turned to the web for listing information about their business.

It is critical for every business, brick and mortar or online based business to have a website. Why? Because more people take to the internet to find a business that they need. More searches are being performed on smartphones than on desktop computers.

Did you know that there are 40,000 searches a second on Google every single day. That is over 3.5 billion searches a day.

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Our Web Design Services & Process

Plan your Website

Your website as a digital brochure: Think of the website like a brochure for your business. The front of the brochure would have a nice image of your business or services and some general information about your business. Turn the page of the brochure and you would see more detailed information about your services and/or products that you offer. On the back page of the brochure, you may find contact information about your business. That’s what we will be planning for your website.

Site Structure & Contents

Getting Our Ideas into a Website

• Decided on how we want to convey our information to our visitors
• Categorized the information into pages for the website
• Gathered content and information to place on those pages
• Collected and organized pictures and images for those pages

It’s the number one thing that will help or hurt your website on the internet. Without content, it’s like having a house all framed out but there aren’t any walls inside or furniture or lightning or even paint, it’s just an empty shell.

It is why every good website needs to start and end with good, quality content. Even if it is just for your brick and mortar business, having more (and better content) than your competitors will get your site ranked higher in the search engines than them. It is your goal to get your website listed at the top of the search results.

Themes & Appearance

What Should Your Website Look Like? One thing we always recommend to our website clients is to search the web for competitor websites or even non-competitor websites to get an idea of what you would want your site to look like. As long as you aren’t copying their sites’ content, there is no harm in copying ideas from those sites.

We offer 40,000+ themes for you yo choose from ThemeForest.net.

Domain Name & Hosting

The domain name is the URL (web address) for your website. It will be www.yourdomainname.com or another extension like .net or .org. Nowadays, you can have your domain name end with almost anything; however .com is still the most recognizable out there.

The hosting is the service or server that your domain name resides on. You can’t have a website seen on the web without both. There are hundreds of hosting companies out there but pick one that has a great reputation and service.

First year domain name and hosting cost will be free for you to subscribe our web design services.

Integration & Extra Features

We’ll try our best to fulfill your requirements, such as integration with other system, extra features to be built on the site.

Staging Site & UAT

This is the point where you want to double check the important aspects of the website. Your task list may include:

• Check all pages
• Verify all links (text, buttons, images)
• Verify 301 redirects work properly
• SEO-friendly pages and posts
• Test responsive design
• Test load time
• Test custom e-mail addresses or forwarding
• Test contact forms

Website Maintenance

To ensure that your web is running on latest and safety environment. Free on the first year of the project.

SEO for your Site

We will make sure that your website is SEO friendly and mobile friendly (Responsive Web Design). However, having a website is one thing. Driving traffic to that website is a completely different ballgame. It’s the #1 mistake that beginners make, assuming that customers will find them immediately after the website is launched.

After the site is launched, join our SEO services to increase your website traffic, leads and sales.

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