WordPress Website Speed Optimization

Unfortunately, this one is really hard to do for most people because it either involves spending money or learning complicated code. Two main things that are relatively easy for you to do that can improve the speed of your website are 1) Get good hosting, and 2) Get a good theme for your WordPress website.

A good theme will ensure that your site is running as fast as possible for the hosting you have. The code will be clean, fast, secure, and pretty.

Hosting is another thing you have control of, but good hosting comes at a cost. Upgrading hosting for a newbie might not seem that important, but as your website starts making money, you will absolutely notice those 5 minutes where your website went down and wonder why it seems like your site has been running slow for two weeks.

There are different sites you can use to check your site speed, but be prepared, they will spit out a bunch of stuff that is hard to understand. Common suggestions:

  • Loading javascript in the footer
  • Minifying CSS
  • Optimizing images by reducing their size
  • Installing a caching plugin

Many of these can be done with plugins, such as installing the caching plugin and even loading javascript in the footer too. Even images can be optimized in bulk if you find that you uploaded too many big ones, but this one is best-taken care of by just keeping your image size smaller than 700 pixels or so as you upload images to your site.

None of these are necessary, and you’ll have to view the readout of your own site metrics before taking any kind of action. They are just things to keep in mind when trying to improve site speed.